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Thursday, 20 February 2020

Press Review Press Review - Article Detail [Print this page] - 14/11/2003
Avv. Barbara Gualtieri

On the 14/11/03, with the support of the Order of Lawyers from Bari, in the Simone Viti-Maino Hall, in Altamura (Bari), an interesting convention took place. The main theme was “juridicial professions and new technologies: practical aspects between judicial and safety”. This convention was oragnized by the CSIG (Legal Computer Studies Center from Bari), along with the local Bar Association.

After Mr. Vicenzo Barone’s introduction, who carries the duty of lawyer, and the moderator Rosa Vulpio (lawyer), who are respectively the President and vice-President of the Bar Association from Altamura, Mr. Massimo Melica (lawyer, CSIG President and member of Telematic Process Commission for the Department of Justice, but also member of the Computing Commission for the National Research Council for Legal Activities) opened the debates with the theme “Legal Communication Modernization for the civilian process.

It makes no doubt that the coming of digital technologies (bit or binay digit) compels recognition in the legal field to a marvelous and revolutionary new challenge, as it occured when the human thought way of expression improved.

As the Minister Stanca has just mentioned in the first European conference on “Justice and Telematic”, the telematic process is already in experimental phase and achieves fondamental goals, such as the proceedings time reduction and an improvement of civil justice.

Consequently, this process makes a fix to relevant organizational and technological impacts on the judicial system, but also on legal offices, which are to be equipped with tools, adequate know-how and an organization, which give the image of the new operating ways of working.

In Mr. Massimo Melica’s brilliant and exhaustive intervention, it is possible to underline various topical issues:

  • The digital signature normative evolution with its major social, economic and relational effects.

  • The incoming of computerized documents (computerized acts, facts or relevant legal data) for administrative documentation for the Public Administration (28/12/03 Judgement n° 445).

  • The 13/02/03 n° 123 judgement analysis, which regards the regulation of the so-called “telematic process”. This processmeans the possibility to the parties, the judge and the chancery to edit, communicate and notify the trial acts vai computerized documents, which include the digital signature.

  • Remarks on cryptography and the communication restrictions.

Mr. Vito Stefano Pasciolla, lawyer and officer of the Bar Assocation from Acquaviva delle Fonti and Cassano delle Murge and coeditor of the website, dealt with the issue of on-line legal ressources and research methods.

To quote the on-line legal information sources is a precious work. This lead to the creation and release of a limited edition of a CD-Rom, which entitles “Mare Magnum”. This CD-ROM has already reached the 2.0 version.

This is a very useful “map” to learn how to to get one's bearings on the web when looking for legal information. This CD also includes legal documents, seminars and conventions workshops, along with a series of freewares, which can entirely equipped a legal offic.

Created by the editors, this tool also includes the entire comics collection of the “Avvocato Peppe di Furia”, the already famous character of <>Tommaso Milella (lawyer).

The safety issue in a legal office was asked by Giuseppe Santo Barile (lawyer), member of the Scientific Committee of the Legal Computer Studies Center and in charge of the website He rewied every measure (at an organization and technological level) to guaranty to the user the aviablity, integrity, confidentiality of informations and services, which are digitally managed by the legal office.

Consequently, the accurate diagnostic of risks linked with the computerized activity (networked computers, antivirus softwares, use of servers, computers reliability, data backup systems, reliable assistance from the providing company, e-mails and firewalls use, etc.) has a vital role.

Dr. Giorgio Mantovano, public accountant, closed this seminar with the introduction of of the, “Bibliographical Database for Business Law” in Italian, English, French, Spanish and German and its innovative impact on a scientific viewpoint.

Currently aiming at listing more than 240 italian and foreign journals, this portal is considered as a very efficient bibliographical research tool, useful for students, public accountants, consultants, magistrates, searchers and everyone, who has interests in law and economics.

This is a perfect instrument for compared studies. This website provides a free registration system, which can be used in five languages, so do the other pages.

Once registered, an e-mail is sent to the user. It includes his login and password: in that way, s/he can obtain informations on italian and foreign journals, including the article or the sentence, but also the aviablity in an Italian or foreign library.

The user has the possibilty to make his/her research using the boolean operators or an efficient keywords system, which is also provided in various lamguages.

The keyword, once translated, becomes a window of access for the foreign user, coming from the most remote scientific community.

The part, which is dedicated to to the Press Review, is also very interesting and unique (the articles dealing with are translated in five languages). There is also the introductiion of monographs with the agreement of publishing houses. This allows the user to view the summaries and/or indexes of the listed monographs (i.e. Giuffrè volumes, Cedam, Giappichelli, La Tribuna, Cacucci, etc.). This obviously provides a relevant comupterized assistance.

This webiste has been backed by famous Italian and U.E. institutions (see the moral support part). After a few month on-line, undoubtly represents a perfect pattern for technical computerized globalization. This is a first step in this vast area, which is still unknown, of transnational legal and economic reading.

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